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Enjoy the Silence

Coffee grows in peace, In silence, In harmony.Let the silence and peace from the mountains come to you through your cup ☕️

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Wake up and Experience

What if, next time you pour a cup of coffee, you drink it off autopilotTry this:Slow down and listen. Take it easy and smell. Appreciate the colour, waves and shapes . Wrap your hands around the cup and let it warm you. Slowly drink it, pay attention and enjoy each sip.   Does it taste better?

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Coffee is not just coffee

For us, coffee means Quiet mornings, Productive sessions, Warm hands, Amazing conversations, Silent journaling, New beginnings, Happy endings, Completed checklists, Deep reading, Fluid writing, Inspiring art, First dates, The outcome of pure heart, effort, passion and love.

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I thought my entire life.

I thought my entire life that creativity and art was reserved for those privileged that have an artistic eye or an artistic sense. I thought my entire life that art was reserved only for painters, singers, writers, dancers, sculptors, designers, architects. I thought my entire life that art was only created with colours, with brushes, with colour pencils, with music notes, with clay, hammer and chisel. I thought my entire life I lived in a world where we have artists (they) and non artists (me).I was very inspired by their freedom, their colourful creations, their sensitivity, their ability to express their feelings through pure artistic manifestation.with time and a lot of coffeeI realized that,Our time on earth is our canvas,The...

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Own your Cup

The world is getting noisier by the minute. Our attention is being pulled in all directions. One way to escape is to value our small daily rituals. Brew your coffee without any hurry. Give yourself the gift of paying attention to the elements that our senses detect. Let this simple routine become an energizing daily ritual.

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