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Coffee is about People.

It’s not about coffee, it’s about people. It’s about your story, it's about the producer, the picker, the roaster and finally, it's about you.

What are you doing while drinking coffee? where are you?, what are your thoughts, what do you feel, how do you feel? What are you dreaming about? Where are you now and where are you going?

We want to :

  • Invite you to slow down and pay attention, come indoors, in-brain, in-body  in-heart, in-thought. (probably not real words but the idea is inside)
  • Inspire you to look inside, look at your coffee beans, invitation to use your senses, to smell, feel, touch, taste.
  • Trigger in you to drink coffee with purpose, drink it with intention, enjoy it with your five senses.
  • Challenge you to bring the small ritual of coffee drinking from autopilot to complete awareness. 
At the end of the day, one single ritual combined with intention creates transformation. Take advantage of a delicious cup of daily ritual

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