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About us


Our family has been involved with coffee for years. We had a small farm coffee farm for 23 years. I had amazing memories from the time we had that coffee plantation. Playing with my siblings around the wet mill “beneficiadero”, Selecting bad beans out of the depulper, helping washing, selecting, drying and packing parchment coffee was an activity I enjoyed very much.

Unfortunately, our coffee business did not resist the financial hardships of the 90’s as well as the natural challenges of a crop that got heavily impacted by the coffee berry borer (Broca). Our family was forced to cut 100% of those coffee trees in late 1999.

In 2013, after several conversations about coffee with my father, his curiosity and agricultural sense kicked in inspiring him to get back to the crop he loved so much. This time around with a complete different approach to the business. He had this idea of producing coffee the way our ancestors did it. Almost 100% manual, he built his own processing plant and drying station. In January 2014 he planted his initial 1000 trees of typica in a small land at 1950 m.a.s.l. Two years and 9 months later we got those first coffee cherries with a mind-blowing flavour and aroma.