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Santana - Single Origin - Colombia
Santana - Single Origin - Colombia
Santana - Single Origin - Colombia
Santana - Single Origin - Colombia
Santana - Single Origin - Colombia

Santana - Single Origin - Colombia

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This coffee tastes like quiet mornings, like post meditation moments, like daily writing inspiration, it tastes like after lunch satisfaction, like a very productive morning, like an intimate quiet yoga session, like a perfect companion for a rainy day, like a delicate last cup of coffee before going to bed(yes, it is possible, I do it all the time). There is a very specific technical description about this and every other coffee, but in reality each coffee is unique and has the power to create in you flashes of memories, sensations and feelings. It transports us  to places where only us can describe and recall. I invite you to join me and take your coffee off auto-pilot, let your coffee drinking experience bring you to places, elevate you and inspire you, to make you feel good inside, to shine and radiate all that beautiful love and amazing energy from inside you to the world. 
We cannot explain the reason why this coffee tastes so delicious but I can share the elements that are different that make this coffee special. It is planted in high altitude (2000 m.a.s.l) in a land that is covered with other trees, therefore this coffee grows protected and with a lot of shadow. We mentioned the variety earlier, Typica, at high altitudes this type of coffee produces a delicious drink. Also, this coffee is hand picked and processed in small batches daily. It is supercharged with vitamin D since it is sun dried. Finally,  at the  farm we use rainfall water for the depulping and wash process.  
This way of producing coffee goes against all the ideas of hyper production and maximizing yield per square feet. This project has been, since day one, a way for Luis to give to coffee a better life in our family (story for another time). There is a lot of love, good energy, passion, laughter and care for this coffee. We hope you can smell it, grind it, brew it, and drink it in peace, doing what you love. We are very happy to have the privilege to share our coffee with you today. We hope you can share it with someone you care about too. 
We enjoy this coffee in pour over, espresso and Aeropress. Our invitation is to play around with your coffee and make it unique, make it your own in terms of the proportions of water and coffee to adjust it to your like
What to expect from this coffee?
This is not your traditional dark, bitter cup of coffee. This should be a coffee you drink when you have time to brew a delicious cup of coffee with your favourite book or enjoying a great time with family or friends. 
We recommend a brewing ratio of 1:16 for pour over which means 25 grs of coffee for 400 grs of water.
What our customers are saying

 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "This coffee is grown with love as it's taste is great. Has got citrus notes and a great body. Fully recommended". - Carolina

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Wow! Excellent café! Continuez, je suis un fan! "- Patrick


Recommended brewing methods:



From the farm:

Producer: Luis Mejia 

Location: Manizales, Caldas, Colombia

Variety: Typica 

Process: Washed 

Notes: Red Fruits, Citrucy, Floral, Sweet.